Louwlardus bowhunting safaris provide a unique hunting experience in exotic African bush surroundings, specifically tailored for the bowhunter. We are devoted to providing you with the exquisite pleasure of hunting our wild animals. The challenge and excitement of the trophy hunt is the exclusive reserve of the bowhunter at LOUWLARDUS BOWHUNTING SAFARIS. The highest standard of practice is maintained at all levels of operation, making it a truly unforgettable and unique hunting expedition for the bowhunter, incomparable to any other hunt they have ever been on. Lets face it ladies and gentlemen, the bow has come a long, long way and so has the sport hunting experience.
MY FATHER WAS A GREAT HUNTER. He was awarded the Musgrave Trophy in 1989 in South Africa, the highest accomplishment in an African hunterís career. I am privileged to say I had the opportunity to hunt with him from a very young age. Because of his influence, I was left with a strong knowledge of who I am and how to go about starting a business. Thank you to all my clients and friends who helped me to become the outfitter I am today. I understand what kind of person an outfitter needs to be; someone with patience that is very close to nature, someone that can arrange things quickly and efficiently and has been in similar situations before. Most importantly a peopleís person, who is always friendly and accommodating. I am deeply in love with nature and if I am not in the bush, it seems as if someone is missing in my life.
Southern Africa's Bowhunting Specialist Est 1989